Why Choose neXus TV?
There is more to choose from than ever offered before! neXus Cable TV offers plans to meet the needs of everyone in the family. Get up to 140+ channels of what you want to watch without the excess from satellite. No repeat channels, no contracts or hidden equipment fees. neXus Cable TV has 80+ HD channels, and 50 commercial-free digital music channels. Bundle neXus Cable TV with YWTC’s reliable phone service and high-speed Internet to save any more!

No Time to Watch Your Favorite Show? DVR it!
neXus DVR allows you to watch all the movies and shows that you love, whenever you want. Watch one show while you record another or record two shows at the same time. Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward and watch TV the way you want to watch TV.
Want even more from you TV? Try TiVo Premiere. TiVo isn't just a cable box, it's an all in one entertainment box. Watch, Record, Stream Videos and Music and it has twice the memory of the cable box. TiVo connects to Amazon Instant Movies, YouTube, Pandora and more.

Love Sports? neXus has it all for you!
Hockey, Football, Baseball, Soccer and More! neXus has the variety you have been looking for! Turn your home into the ultimate sports destination with channels like NFL Network, NHL Network, Tennis Channel, NBC Sports Sports Network, and a suite of ESPN channels. Get even more when you upgrade to HD and watch your favorite teams in crystal clear high-definition.